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Greet YOUR Feet with Essential Oils

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and the stress/anxiety of life, sometimes it feels hard to make time for self-care. With the pandemic, People are dedicating time more than ever to a healthier version of themselves out of necessity. 


Let’s bring a new ro​utine into your world - Greet Your Feet with Essential oils and explore heart-centered holistic habits that restore the mind, body, and spirit. This in-person or virtual webinar is for people who want holistic health interventions to help work through life’s wellness challenges. Greet Your Feet is designed to improve mood, mental clarity and good health for physical and emotional well-being with the use of reflexology points and essential oils. Learn the benefits of reflexology, reflexology areas to work and how to use essential oils on the feet to help relieve stress, anxiety, depression and other discomforts. 




Diabetes and Reflexology Class

DATE:  Next Class TBA

November National Diabetes Month

Diabetes Class.png


We can bring this workshop to your group.

Workshop: Understanding Detoxification

  1. Learn the importance of detoxing.
  2. Identify the difference between detox and cleansing.
  3. Identify your need to detox.
  4. Receive one week supply of Detox Tea.
  5. Receive $10 Reflexology Bucks

Date: Next Class TBA

Time: TBA

Location: 5731 Nanjack Circle

                Memphis, TN 38115

Fee: $20 per person

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